Christmas Miracles

— Written by a Teacher in Hungary —

My 10D English class

So… continues my journey here. Between all the people I’m meeting here, and new relationships, I’ve been a bit distracted by all the fun, trips and parties, especially at Christmastime, from what I came over here to do. And, I continue to ask God daily, if He’ll work through me inspite of myself, and my lack of focus. And this is what He is doing:
I have a class of all girls, that I truly believe to be a handpicked group from God. These girls go CRAZY when they see me, and class always ends up being photo with Miss Teacher time. I have no idea what I did to get them to like me so much, but they do. So, a few weeks ago, these two twins did not show up. And when I asked their friends where they were, they said, “oh, at home, bad family.” Come to learn, their mom is an alcoholic and there’s a lot going on there. So, I wrote them a little card, my friend translated it, telling them I was praying for them and their family, reminding them that God loved them. And when they came back they had their own card, thanking me for the prayers, as “this all feels good to us and helps us in our faith”. Wow. Then, the girls of the class ended up giving me a pillowcase with a huge blown up picture of me and the girls, saying, “Love 4ever” That was the bomb.
Then there’s Briggi. Briggi came to me for extra help in English, and I agreed to tutor her. As we were talking about the holidays, I came to found out that she was struggling with some issues that I had a lot of experience dealing with. I told her if she ever wanted to talk, that I would listen, cause I really do understand. And she said, thanks, and Merry Christmas, and I went on my way. A few minutes later, she stopped by the teacher room, and asked if we could go to lunch after we get back from the break.
God is great. He is moving, and calling His people back to Him. He is just pouring girls into my lap, and I am asking for your prayers, that I would be able to be Jesus to them. I am praying, that God, inspite of my problems and lack of discipline, can still use me. And if not, that He would use somebody. I think it’s so great, how He sets up ministry appointments in the times that are the least likely. I know that that’s how God works, but I am surprised everytime.


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