Nine weeks in…

— Written by a Teacher in Russia —

It has been NINE WEEKS since I arrived in St. Petersburg.  This milestone has special meaning to me.  It marks the longest time that I have been outside the USA.  The last time I was out of the country for more than a couple of weeks was the summer of 1986.  I spent seven weeks in Amsterdam and one week in Frankfurt during a college summer missions trip.

A lot has changed in nine weeks.  Today, dawn was at 8:15 AM with darkness by 7:00 PM.  In eight more weeks it will be dawn at 9:15 AM and dusk or dark no later than 4:50 PM.  Think Alaska!

Sunshine is scarce and it rains a lot.  It is also humid/damp here with humidity always above 80%, usually above 90%.  Think Seattle or Portland, but in a few weeks it will be MUCH colder.

A couple of weeks ago, six girls from one of my management classes took me to the Russian Museum.  The paintings and sculpture are spectacular!  I plan on a minimum of one monthly trip  to the Hermitage beginning in November as well as going on other museum adventures.  There are so many to visit.

I am still settling in.  Teaching is becoming enjoyable and I am looking forward to many more opportunities to spend time with my students outside of the classroom.

The Internet is FINALLY available consistently and I am keeping up with all of the US election and economic news.  The silver lining for me is that the dollar is substantially stronger against the Ruble and the Euro than when I arrived.

The Salt Lake Tribune, NPR, CNN and FOX are never far away.  I am also keeping up with college football.  Go UTES!


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