God working through Teachers

— Written by a Teacher in Hungary —

So, just for the record, this past week has been really great. Lots of affirming people have come my way, as well as those from the States…. it’s actually been quite fun! I met some new people, and am getting to know them… it’s been great! yesterday, I was off, and enjoyed sleeping in, and cleaning my room!

Well, today, i got to school, and was quite tired… However, I went through the motions in my first few classes, especially after being told I was getting more classes ( I don’t mind at all, it’s just the fact that I was simply being stuck in made up teaching slots, with more beginners… as well as a few made classes, simply to put on paper that I’m teaching enough… Hungary…)

Anywho, I went to my last class of the day, a rather advanced class… We were going over an article on women’s roles, etc., and one of the vocab words that came up was “residential”. I explained what residential meant, and explained that my neighborhood is residential. This, for some reason, sparked a question from a student, who asked, “How is it living here?” I vaguely answered, “it’s good”. To which he asked, “is it true that teachers in America make 10 times as much as teachers here in Hungary?” I told him that I was paid less than a teacher at my last job, and I was paid 7 times as much in the states than I am in Hungary. They all were like “Whoa! Why did you come here?!”

I paused. I almost gave the blanket answer “cause money is not important to me.” and I got really nervous, cause I knew that they might not understand what I was gonna say, but that I came all the way over here for an opportunity like this…

So I told them. “First off, I’m a Christian. And being a Christian means that my life is about God. Whatever He wants.” And I proceeded to tell them that I prayed, and felt God telling me to move over here… I explained that it’s not about money, and that as a Christian, I felt called to go where others didn’t want to go, and to help those who needed it, not always those who could afford it. I mean, I didn’t get into the Roman Road or anything… there was no altar call at the end to “just as I am”, nor did I draw on the board a stick figure of me, across a chasm from God, with JESUS as the bridge…. but it was awesome that I got to tell them just Who I belong to and why I do the things I do. I thank God, that these things do come up…it’s all Him, and it’s all an answer to prayer. Please pray for that class, 12A, that God will use today to plant a seed, a seed of curiosity or hope, and will continue to water that seed to fruition…. Pray for [my students], that what they heard today is the beginning of something new in their lives. This class, actually, I’ve gotten papers back from them, on themselves and their family, and learned that most of them do not believe in God, if any. So, I thank God that this came up in this class….

pray that this continues to come up in this class, as well as other classes. Pray for teachable moments, and seeds to be planted and watered…. God is Good!!! In the midst of a school that frustrates me with their insane policies, God is working. PTL.


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