If all the Rain Drops…

— Written by a Teacher in Vietnam —

Today has been a lazy day. It’s a quarter past noon and I’m still in my pj’s. (a first for this year) It appears that rainy season has arrived and with the onset, an initial sense of demotivation. Thus Erin and I are trying to motivate ourselves to get out of the house. You see, during rainy season, life still happens and the sooner you get out of the house in the rain the sooner you’ll gain renewed motivation.

Rainy season is a time of year when naive foreigners can learn a LOT. For example, a poncho that costs 5,000vnd (30 cents) is probably worth about, 30 cents when it comes to staying dry. Taxis, buses, and motorbikes somehow are all capable of doubling as jet skis in the rain, and one should always think twice about riding a bicycle in a terenchal down pour.

Some things that I am truly coming to love about rainy season are as follows. I have more time to cook/bake b/c I’m home more. Fried bananas are ONLY sold during rainy season & I LOVE fried bananas! The relentless shouts of nationals when they see me walking or biking in the rain “Mua, Mua”(it’s raining, it’s raining) Really? Is it? Thunder storms, it’s relaxing to just lay on my bed and listen to the storm. Sometimes, if I’m real adventurous I’ll go to the bay to watch the lightening

For the past 2 years the beginning of rainy season has always come with demotivational feelings and even slight discouragement. But you know, yesterday, as I was walking home from my canceled class, I really wanted to just twirl in the rain & burst into song “If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops Oh what a rain that would be standing outside with my mouth open wide…” Don’t worry, I refrained from bursting into song as I didn’t want people to think I had totally lost my mind.

I guess all that to say that, you know, rainy season is a challenge at first, but once you realize that it’s just part of life here then you can go on about your daily business & the only consideration of the rain happens when you put on your poncho to leave the house. You could even surprise yourself and, heaven forbid, come to enjoy the rain.


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