leaving the states

–Written by a Teacher in Russia–

It is a quiet Monday morning in St. Petersburg, but the past four days have been a whirlwind!

  • LA-Atlanta-Moscow-St. Petersburg on Thursday and Friday.
  • Lost ALL checked luggage.
  • Dinner on Nevsky Prospekt and a long walk on Friday night with some Brits, Russian students, and one of my roommates.
  • Luggage found and trip to International airport to retrieve on Saturday.
  • Shashlik (shish kabob barbecue) on the “beach” with a few Americans, Russians, and an Aussie on Saturday night.
  • Church at a small Vineyard Church on Sunday afternoon. (Planning to attend a Calvary Chapel next Sunday evening.)

I am focusing on the Russian alphabet early this week.  It will make it so much easier to navigate the city on the Metro, buses, and on foot if I can actually READ signs.  Shopping will also be much easier.

The schedule will be light for the next couple of weeks.  Teaching will not start until September 8th at the earliest, possibly September 15th.  I am taking advantage of this time to focus on Russian language and to become a more proficient at shopping.

In late September, I will move into a smaller flat that is some distance from the large flat (apartment) that I am sharing with three other American guys.  I will finally be able to unpack then. It is probable that another American working in St. Petersburg will share the flat with me.  We are discussing the details now.

Weather in St. Petersburg is quite different than Salt Lake City.  So far it has been overcast most of the time with a chance of rain.  The humidity is high and the temperatures range between 55-65 degrees.  The constant daylight of June and July are gone, but it still gets light early and is not dark until about 10 PM.

I am thankful for the weather since the cold, damp, and dark days of winter will be here soon enough.


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